If life was a perpetual holiday, we at The Hotel Escapes know where we’d spend a lot of our time — in amazing hotels around the world, of which there are many!

A few key things have have shaped the travel trends of this generation: enviable travel images on social media and more importantly, an increased appreciation for authentic local experiences. As avid travellers ourselves, we understand the desire for a fuller cultural understanding of the places we visit. We seek out award-winning, back alley gems, or exotic, hidden locales that we’d be excited to share with friends and family back home.

That spirit of cultural immersion extends to our hotel stays. Regardless of what traveller category you currently are, we all want something well worth our vacation time. Keeping within budget matters, but so does getting a one-of-a-kind stay, whether its in the form of lifestyle services, curated tours or the theme and decor of the hotel itself.

In Malaysia alone, we have a multitude of properties to explore. A converted Peranakan mansion, or a durian farm luxury homestay. A private rainforest eco-resort, or a kampong-style boutique hotel in the middle of the city. We present the best in every category and state, delving deeper into the hotel lifestyle services of our favourites, while finding human inspiration in surrounding neighbourhoods. We’ll venture out to places around Southeast Asia and Asia too, our beautifully diverse backyard.

Get behind-the-scenes insight from the ensemble of individuals who curate your hotel living experience — chefs, designers, artists, owners, CEOs, butlers and managers. Hear from local and traveler personalities about their hotel and travel adventures. Come along with us — and join the escapes.

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