The Alila chain of hotels by Two Roads Hospitality group made its official debut in Malaysia recently with the launching of the 5-star Alila Bangsar, right in between the vicinities of Brickfields and Bangsar.

Alila Bangsar
The Bangsar Suite is one of the 5 suites in the hotel.

Occupying the top 6 floors of mixed-use development The Establishment, the hotel has become a landmark in the area, announcing the name Alila across the city skyline. If you’re wondering what on earth does ‘Alila’ actually mean, it stands for the word ‘surprise’ in Sanskrit. And what an apt name it is because no two Alila hotels are the same, each one full of surprises unique to itself.

The lifestyle hotel has many surprises up its sleeve, but we’ve picked out five top highlights. Let’s look at the wonders that await when you check-in to Alila Bangsar.

Alila Bangsar: top five highlights

It’s a veritable floating oasis. 

Alila Bangsar
The swimming pool encompasses a lush 3-storey atrium.

Elevated above the hustle and bustle of Bangsar, the lifestyle hotel is built with the purpose of being a haven for weary urbanites. Don’t let the callused black exterior fool you; it’s merely an elegant protective shell for the oasis that it hosts inside. The swimming pool on Level 40 takes centre stage around a lush tropical setting that makes it seem as if you’re taking a dip in a faraway resort. Enjoy decadent cocktails from The Pool Bar while you’re there to complete the experience.

The rooms are in a league of their own. 

Alila Bangsar
Studio Twin.
Alila Bangsar
Deluxe Corner Studio.

Alila hotels around the world pride themselves in providing the most luxurious rooms no matter the price point, and Alila Bangsar lives up to this standard as well. The 143 guestrooms of hotel encompass 137 rooms, five suites, and one Alila Suite, all offering unhindered views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The rooms are also designed to have an infinity flow of energy for a tranquil and calming stay.

Give back to the community while vacationing. 

Alila Bangsar Brickfields

While some hotels raise funds through donation boxes, Alila hotels are known for giving back to local communities in unique ways. When you book a night at Alila Bangsar, RM2 from the room rate will be channelled towards the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) located in the heart of Brickfields. You could also call ahead to book a chargeable blind massage session when checking at Level 41. This is of course, on top the sustainable tourism practices that the hotel adheres to, such as eco-conscious architecture, electricity-saving operations, and being well-connected to the local public transportation (there is a pedestrian bridge leading to the hotel’s building from Bangsar LRT).

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True cultural immersion as part of your stay. 

Alila Bangsar Brickfields
A visit to the local market is part of the Alila Experiences curated by Alila Bangsar.
Alila Bangsar Brickfields
The Alila Living Room.

A feature unique to the Alila hotels is the Alila Experiences, whereby each hotel curates experiences for guests that revolve around what to do, eat, see, and experience during a stay. At Alila Bangsar, these itineraries range from Pewter Crafting at Royal Selangor, to an Off-The-Road Cooking Class overlooking the lush Penchala Hills. In addition, each of the 5 floors where the rooms are located comes with a dedicated Alila Living Room where locally-made traditional Indian snacks are made available all day long – useful for when the munchies attack, if you ask us.

World-class dining right on your doorstep. 

Alila Bangsar Brickfields
Alila Bangsar Brickfields
Pacific Standard Bar.

Alila Bangsar boasts 2 international standard restaurants – Botanica & Co and Entier – and 3 bars – The Pool Bar, Pacific Standard, and Lido. Entier, which means ‘whole’ in old French, focuses on nose-to-tail dining where no part of an animal is wasted unnecessarily. Meanwhile, Pacific Standard looks to the charms of old Hollywood glamour and sunsets in California to create an unforgettable ambience. Lido, on the other hand, will be the newest rooftop bar in town once it opens in November and covers 3 floors for an experience unlike any other.

Alila Bangsar
58, Jalan Ang Seng,
Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2268 3888

Photos: Alila Bangsar.

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