The recent success of heritage hotels in Malaysia can trace its earlier origins back to Seven Terraces, Penang, one of the most critically acclaimed boutique heritage properties in the Southeast Asian region.

Constructed from the ground up, the property is a labour of love to showcase the splendor of late 19th century living, in Penang. Fully utilizing the architecture of traditional Peranakan houses – where the interior features bright, airy rooms that overlook an open courtyard as the focal point of the property – the  first impressions of Seven Terraces will give you plenty to “ooh and aah” about.

Part of the Georgetown Heritage and Hotels Group, Seven Terraces, Penang is one of the group’s four boutique heritage hotels to enjoy a truly one of a kind stay. Here are five highlights of this splendid property that visitors should know about:

Seven Terraces, Penang: Top Five Highlights


Enjoy a Peranakan heritage stay

suites seven terraces penang
Photo: Seven Terraces

The founder of Seven Terraces is architect Christopher Ong, a fifth generation Penangite Peranakan who made the decision to rebuild and restore a row of crumbling terrace houses, as a way to showcase Chinese Peranakan architecture, while preserving a part of his culture’s heritage.

The result is a beautiful and detailed recreation of a modernized Peranakan-style mansion. It’s brought to life by royal maroon hues, granite tiles, upcycled timber and gold-colored fittings. These features are enhanced during the day, thanks to the ample natural light that radiates throughout the property via outdoor courtyards and large windows.

The rooms will make you feel like royalty, almost

traditional Chinese wedding bedroom set seven terraces penang
Photo: Seven Terraces

Designed to be an exclusive stay, the property has  18 double-storey suites and apartments with plenty of room to relax, in kimono-print satin robes found in the bathroom. The top floor has an additional bathroom with an outdoor shower on the balcony, if you’d like a night time rinse before bed. (We don’t recommend this during the day except with a swimsuit on.)

Four poster beds and blackwood furniture with mother-of-pearl accents bring old-fashioned Peranakan luxury to the rooms. The Stewart Apartment features an authentic, traditional Chinese matrimonial bedroom set in gold, maroon and dark wood hues, for anyone who’d like to experience a night (or two) in that setting.

There are so many intricate details to admire and explore

lounge area beside the pool seven terraces penang
Photo: Seven Terraces

Seven Terraces is definitely not for the minimalist, if that design philosophy is important enough to influence your choice of hotel. Floor tiles, antiques, carved pillars and even the wooden screens that separate one room from another, are part of the hotel’s identity and vibe that make it so special.

In common areas, guests will find original artefacts on display, such as the “opium bed” in the hotel lobby. Opium beds were used back in the hedonistic era of heavy opium consumption in China, and looks like a wide chair, long enough for someone to lay flat, basking in their addictive stupor.

Other displays of interest are the collection of porcelain items in the dining room, and an ingenious iron-wire sculpture that teases the mind with perspective. Depending on which angle you are positioned, the sculpture resembles either an elephant of giraffe, and morphs into one or the other as you walk around it.


the exterior of seven terraces penang
Photo: Seven Terraces

Seven Terraces couldn’t have a more convenient location, within walking distance of many George Town highlights. Whether you’re after a food trail, heritage trail, or street art trail, Seven Terraces serves as the perfect kickoff point for any of those adventures — all of which you must find time to do when in Penang.

Our top five highlights of places of interests near Seven Terraces include:

The historical Clan Jetties of Penang – 11 minutes walk.
China House, a unique cafe and live music bar – 8 minutes walk.
Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, a well-known dessert street food stall – 5 minutes by car.
Little India, for food and shopping – 4 minutes walk.
State Museum and Art Gallery – 3 minutes walk.

Delicious meals served in beautiful china

breakfast at the kebab room seven terraces penang

Your stay includes breakfast and afternoon tea, with presentation level taken up a notch by eye-pleasing, blue and white ceramic ware. They say that attractive food creates better appetite, but attractive food on attractive servingware can elevate a basic meal, like breakfast, beyond expectations. We are visual creatures after all, and meals at the Kebaya Room at Seven Terraces prove that point perfectly.

Where to Find Seven Terraces, Penang

Seven Terraces
Stewart Ln, Georgetown
10200 George Town
+604 264 2333

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